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About Emil Nikolla

Emil Nikolla was born in Berat, Albania in 1971. He joined a local Art School at the age of 10, finishing his art studies at Athens Fine Arts University in Greece. Since 2003 he has been living and working in London, UK.

Emil's interest in portraiture was evident from the beginning of his career. His technique and repertoire broadened in Greece as a young painter as he started to work 'en plain air' in landscapes and nature while developing his human figure paintings by the hand of his tutor Dimitras Mytaras.

Today his extraordinary and spontaneous use of colour is the most personal feature of his work. In his portraits, Emil sets up a very interesting dialogue between his model and a very colorful background. In this dialogue, his skilled hand is lead by a combination of intuition and impulse, transforming the white canvas into an art scene of creative depth. Surprisingly all of that happens while he naturally chats to the sitter, capturing their essential nature that is best depicted in their glaze.

Emil Nikolla, Expo, Glades Shopping Cent
Emil Nikolla _ Sky Portrait Artist of th
Emil Nikolla _ Sky Portrait Artist of th

I started many art courses in the past and gave up because I didn't find them engaging, but with Emil it's fun and I have learnt so much. He is great in demonstrating and giving clear instructions to use different techniques.


Emil is a wonderful teacher. He is very patient, explains what is required clearly and concisely. He has certainly taught me to 'look' in a whole new way. I have learnt so much in a very short time.

Luan Eyles

I have always wanted to learn to draw and I'm a total beginner. I attended a drawing class with Emil and he was an excellent tutor. He always gave a demonstration. He's extremely patient and gives plenty  of advice. Great teacher. You can learnt a lot from his experience. I have always enjoyed his classes.


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